Who we are ?

JD Art & Design is a “Joint Distribution” established in 2015 ‘Pune’ one of the leading art production company in sales and promotions of all kinds of artwork within India and worldwide. The company has artists worked in different fields specialized in art and design having over 15 years of experience in the field of both Commercial and Professional studio arts. Our products are Portrait, Landscape, Devotional, Wall, Modern, Contemporary, Abstract, Oil, Acrylic, Water color, Mixed Media Paintings, Charcoal, Pencil, Staedtler, Oil Pastels and Soft Pastels colors, Digital and Canvas Prints.
There is designated Team of Artist work on your valuable project under the highly experienced (15 -20 Yrs.) Artist Mr. Jai Srivastava. He has worked for eminent Interior design companies in Dubai, Singapore, Indonesia, USA, UK also with Royal Mannequin, Bharat Advertising Ltd. and Dekins Academy of design.

"Art should be subjective, creative and pleasant because it’s something that is both functional and (hopefully) aesthetically pleasing to our eyes."

What is Art ?

In our opinion an Art is expression of someone’s creativity inspired by a vision, ambience and imagination in this world. So we take our every project of art with this inspiration because every dream has an important vision of someone life.

Expansion of Arts

We are also focus to expanding our art products to the domestic and retail customer for their home with affordable price where we are exhibiting our creative talent through the medium of wall and canvas. Because we are follow to development and improvement having our excellence talent in Arts manners. Now we are in shape to provide our customer service accordance to your project dream.

What should be in an Art ?

Modern and Contemporary art is even more difficult task, since history hasn’t yet decided who should be remember and who is best forgotten. An Art is something that expresses an idea, an emotion or more generally.

JD Art & Design

Why choose us ?

Every company has different strategy for their customers in any type of market. We have different strategy of work with affordable price for inspirational Art work for interior that responds to your business need which could be positive for business growth. An experienced team of Art work and interior have the adroitness and resources to ensure contracts are successfully completed within our committed time.

Nitin Shrivastava

Managing Director

Team Work

The perfect Team available here for the customer who provide the stunning art works with high quality material that should be represents the deference of quality levels through color maintaining a longevity beauty alongside interior decoration solution.

Our Skills

We are eager to escalate our ingenious ideas and striving for new paradigms so our vision is besides the edges of Modern Art for interior decoration. Also knowing the difference between quality levels is of the highest priority when creating an art to be sold because a name always be attach to the work. The galleries and museums purchase with intent to keep work for a very long time, possibly forever! Therefore we analyze an art what is best and it will be a wise investment for your dreams.

Meeting Preferences

There is definitely a different experience meeting someone in person, rather than just looking at their photograph on a website before you click that 'buy' button on one of those online websites that sell art, go visit and support your local art galleries and experience what could happen. You may call us and just be surprised at what you see, whom you meet and what you will learn.